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       Corine Thinon is a multifaceted, self-taught french artist. Oil and acrylic are now her favourit techniques but she did started out with watercolors in the beginning of the 90´s. After finishing her masters on Literature at the university of Bordeaux in France, life brought her to Portugal.


       Coming to Portugal definitely changed the direction of her life, focusing since then on transforming reality into a variety of colors and putting them on the canvas. She´s working on her own workshops for the last 25 years, she now remains on her nest built around her image. You can find her gallery in the center of the city of lagos, in south of Portugal.

     " Since very young I have always been attracted to warm colors and all the possible ways of expressing myself artistically. My university path was also marked by the practice of art. I feel very lucky that I can be a full time artist, dedicating myself to my paintings every day. I absorb the warm light from the south of Portugal and use it as inspiration on many of my paintings.

       My favorite tools are brushes and the knife because I can give life to the paint and play with the textures. I stray away from limiting myself, often trying out different mediums such as natural pigments discovered on my travels.
My inspiration often comes from many places. Often times it is a conversation with a client or a personal experience that sparks my imagination.

       Portugal has been for a very long time the source of my inspiration. The warm light that is natural here has made me the painter I am today. Light will always be my guiding line, even in my more abstract paintings Painting is a joy I want to share with you through my artworks because every painting I make is destined to someone. "

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